Four Signs That You Could Benefit From IBS Treatment

Irritable bowel syndrome treatment can make a world of difference to your health. The symptoms of IBS can be extremely debilitating, and even the most basic daily activities can become difficult to manage when you're dealing with pain and discomfort on a regular basis. If you think you might have IBS, there are four signs that could indicate it's time for treatment. 1. You Could Benefit From IBS Treatment If You Are Triggered By Certain Foods [Read More]

Self-Care Strategies for Managing Premenstrual Symptoms

When you have regular periods, you may notice another occurrence each month: Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). For many women, PMS involves cravings, trouble sleeping, and mood swings. And in a lot of cases, it's possible to manage your symptoms alone. With a few self-care tips, you can keep the worst of your PMS at bay. Track Your Symptoms Getting familiar with your symptoms and when they occur is a good way to anticipate them and introduce self-care in a timely manner. [Read More]

Two Reasons Why Cis Women Might Benefit From Seeing a Female Doctor

If you're a cis woman, here are some reasons why you might benefit from having a female doctor. 1. You'll be less likely to minimise or avoid discussing your female health issues Not every cis woman feels comfortable talking about health issues related to her reproductive organs or breasts, particularly in situations where they need to discuss them with a male doctor. If this is the case for you, you could potentially find it easier to stay healthy if you have a female doctor. [Read More]

Are You Experiencing Sudden Hearing Loss?

Sudden hearing loss can occur without any obvious cause and it can be a worrying experience that some sufferers find it difficult to acknowledge and seek help for. This type of hearing loss tends to affect one ear and can present as full or partial hearing loss. It may be easy to initially brush sudden hearing loss off as an ear or sinus infection, but it's best not to self-diagnose. In some cases, this type of hearing loss can cause permanent damage to the auditory nerve when left untreated, so it's important to have the affected ear examined as soon as you notice a change in your hearing. [Read More]